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Ready to dive into conversation with a seasoned expert? With 15 years in branding, I'm well-versed in entrepreneurial strategies, from social media dynamics to business coaching. Seeking sales insights, refined social media, or website feedback? My expertise spans these realms and more. Imagine a branding coach elevating your brand or crafting a tailored social media plan. In our Private Coaching Options, opportunities abound for growth, guided by unwavering support. Join us on this transformative journey where your entrepreneurial dreams thrive.

COmmon Coaching topics
Tiktok Strategy 

Gain valuable knowledge on maximizing your skills, and learn the answers to top questions in this dynamic platform.

Website & Design

Get feed back from a seasoned graphic designer on creating a compelling visual identity that deeply connects with your intended audience

Brand Identity 

Learn how  to articulate your distinctive brand identity, define your core values, and lay the foundation for a thriving business.

Social Media Strategy 

Get help with an effective social media strategy that leverages my expertise and experience, helping you navigate the ever-changing landscape of online platforms successfully.

Brand Awareness

Learn how to strategically build brand awareness, a pivotal step, by discovering effective strategies that guide you in effectively connecting with your target audience.


Find out how branding sets itself apart from marketing and how these two elements collaborate harmoniously to fulfill business objectives, addressing a common area of confusion.

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 ensuring that our guidance aligns perfectly with your brand, business, and goals.

The topics we explore are entirely guided by your preferences


Embracing a diverse journey through the realms of branding, content creation, and social media expertise, my professional path reflects a blend of innovation and strategy. With a proven track record of collaborating with renowned brands like Amazon, Olay, L'Oréal, and a massive TikTok following, my journey has been a dynamic exploration of crafting captivating narratives, engaging visual content, and fostering meaningful connections.

Drawing from over 15 years of branding mastery, I've become a seasoned guide, helping businesses navigate the intricate world of identity, values, and market positioning. My proficiency extends from honing in on brand voice to strategizing impactful marketing campaigns, ensuring every element aligns seamlessly with business objectives. With over 150 brand identities created, I am an expert in crafting an unforgettable brand presence with a personal touch.

My captivating presence across social media platforms has enabled me to effortlessly convey complex concepts and trends, establishing myself as a reliable source of insights for a wide-ranging audience. From sharing relatable anecdotes about life's everyday quirks to decoding the latest viral trends, my communication style resonates deeply, bridging the gap between the digital realm and real-life experiences.

Armed with an extensive background in collaborating with industry giants and a natural knack for tapping into the pulse of digital culture, I am poised to empower brands and individuals alike. Whether it's devising viral content strategies or orchestrating transformative brand journeys, I am fueled by a passion to infuse every project with energy, innovation, and a touch of my signature charm.

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Begin by selecting the ideal session duration that suits your needs. Opt for a concise 30-minute session, a comprehensive 1-hour session, or delve into a 4-hour package for extended guidance in shaping your business strategy or enhancing your brand presence.


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Expect to receive an email from us after you've booked your session, to coordinate a suitable time. You have the flexibility to opt for a Zoom video call or a traditional phone conversation with your Coach – it's entirely up to your preference!.


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Ahead of your session, we'll send you a questionnaire to complete. This allows us to gain insights into you and your business, ensuring our private coaching time is optimized for maximum benefit.


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During our coaching session, you'll have the opportunity to have your questions answered. Whether they pertain to your brand, marketing strategy, website copy, or any aspect of your business, we're here to assist. We're also available to assess materials like your website and social accounts, and can work together to develop a customized business strategy. 


Proven Results

By infusing strategic creativity into their branding, I've contributed to increased engagement rates, viral videos, increased bookings, designed brands that exceeded six figures and boosted sales. With each project, my goal is to not just create content, but to drive impactful results that leave a lasting impression and contribute to business growth.

My work has consistently led to measurable outcomes for clients.


"Julie has not only impacted our brand, but our lives. And we can honestly say it was the best thing we could have done for our business!"


"The way Julie was able to take all of my heart and create a brand means more to me than I can ever truly begin to explain."

Increase of 100% in sales in 12 months.


"I knew right away there would be a huge shift in us as business owners from the first Skype."


KENT & STevie- comprehensive brand identity

Increase of  $40,000 in sales in months. 

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